Educational Qualifications of the Owner of the CC

Ncebakazi Faith Saliwa-Mogale is the founder member of NF Saliwa Publishing cc. Ncebakazi Faith Saliwa-Mogale completed her BA degree with a major in isiXhosa at the University of Cape Town (UCT) in 1993. In 1994 she did a postgraduate diploma in Librarianship because of her love for books. In 2005 she completed her Master of Philosophy in Translation Studies at the University of Stellenbosch’s Afrikaans Department, and this degree was conferred upon her in April 2006. She is currently registered for a PhD at the University of Cape Town.

Work experience of the main member and owner

In 1995, she worked for Oxford University Publishers, managing African language projects and editing isiXhosa manuscripts. From 1996 – 1999 she was employed in national Parliament as an isiXhosa Hansard translator and editor. In 2000, she moved to the Western Cape Provincial Legislature and worked as a Senior Language Practitioner heading isiXhosa Language Unit.

Between 1995 and 1999 she freelanced for six publishers as an editor and an adaptor of books into isiXhosa.

In the publishing industry, she got an intensive training on curriculum 2005 to equip her to edit curriculum developed books and was contracted as an author for Heinemann publishers and Shuter and Shooter in which she wrote grade 4 and 5 isiXhosa books. She was later contracted as project manager for New Africa Books previously known as David Phillips to manage Further Education and Training (FET) isiZulu and isiXhosa projects where she recruited and trained authors to develop and produce outcomes-based isiXhosa and isiZulu books.

She now runs her cc on a full-time scale and has also opened a second small business that translates documents from English to isiXhosa.

Having grown up in the rural areas of the Eastern Cape, and having majored in isiXhosa and studied it further, she has an expertise in isiXhosa that can be surpassed only by a few.